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A Music Lesson & Production Studio


Homestead Soundlab takes a unique approach to music education. Not only will you learn how to hone your craft on your main instrument through technical exercises and theory education, you will also learn how to be a content creator in a broader sense. 


Yes, you'll learn how to play, but you will also learn how to produce ready to release tracks. You'll learn how to perform on as many instruments as you like in the context of learning how to make recordings. And you can learn the process of distribution and marketing.

You can also learn how to capture and edit video content to accompany your release. If you're a songwriter/aspiring songwriter or if you just want to create awesome cover songs, we'll show you how to make it and put it out into the world. 


We'll work together to tailor your curriculum to what interests you the most and have a great time learning and creating music together.   

Music Production & Mastering

At the lab you can also come to us with your songs/ideas and let us make them a reality. Matt Cusack is a

multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with experience working on all kinds of projects, podcasts, TV, childrens books and of course a wide range of music projects in a variety of genres. 

We also offer video shooting and editing services.  

We can work remotely or meet in our studio in Highland Falls. Come to us with your project and we'll work together to make your vision a reality.  


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